Vattakottai Fort and Beach

Vattakottai, a granite fort six kilometres north-east of Kanyakumari cape, forms the terminal of a line of ramparts known as the South Tranvancore lines built by Marthanda Varma to serve as defence for Nanjil Nadu. It is rectangular in shape and covers an area of about three and a half acres. The fort is enclosed by walls 25 to 26 feet high, including the parapet, 29 feet thick at the front, 18 feet at the corners and 6 feet at the rear. The portion running into the area is the most strongly built under the orders of De Lannoy during the reign of Mathandavarma (1729-58). About 1810 A.D. the British forces under the command of St. Leger marched into Nanjilnad through the Aramboly pass and demolished the defence lines. The small river by the side of the fort, and the green vegetation all around add to the scenery of the fort and has now become a holiday resort and picnic centre.

It is said that there is a subway or tunnel about four feet width, supposed to
connect the padmanabhapuram palace. Now the tunnel has been closed. On the northern side of the fort is found a slop to being the canon from the lower to the upper part of the parapet of the fort. There is well of about 6’ diameter. The whole wall around the fort is repaired and fresh mortar is being applied. From the evidence left by the fort itself, it may be presumed that this fort was the military base to protect the Kumari port which was a rich pearl harbour. Since the emblem of the Pandya Kings was ‘Fish’ and we find this emblem in some of the places of the fort, it can be safely concluded that the Pandya Kings had control over this fort for sometime.
Next to Vattakottai, we can see the traces of a light house in Leepuram being called so after Colonel Lee who has destroyed most of the Kadukkarai Kanyakumari Fort in 1806. This is a picnic spot, the sea is calm and suitable for bathing.

Special Attractions :

  • The fort surrounded by sea is so pleasant to watch
  • Get the different experience of watching a sea from the top of a fort
  • The seashore with lot of coconut trees is a wonderful place to sit and relax
  • The sea is so calm so that you can play with the waves without any fear. [ But don’t go so deep 🙂 ]

Landmark :

  • 80Km south of Trivandrum
  • 15 Km East of Thuckalay
  • 50 Km from Kanyakumari

 Other Nearest Places of Interest : 

Nearest Place Distance from Vattakottai
Kanyakumari 6 KM

How to Reach :

Nearest Airport Nearest Railway station
Trivandrum (State: Kerala) Kanyakumari (State : Tamilnadu)

Vattakottai Pictures